DC Sustainable Energy Utility contract granted

March 1st, 2011

WASHINGTON – The long awaited DC Sustainable Energy Utility contract was granted to Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and its 8 DC Teaming Partners. The Teaming Partners who have won this energy efficiency program management contract include Taurus Development Group, and its partners, PEER Consultants, George L. Nichols & Associates, DC Project, Institute for Market Transformation, LS Caldwell & Assoc, PES Group and Skyline Innovations.

The Council of the District of Columbia enacted the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 (CAEA), which called for the creation of the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU). The DC SEU is funded by the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund, established by the CAEA.

The District Department of the Environment contracted with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and its DC Teaming Partners to form the DC SEU. The purpose of the DC SEU is to design and implement programs that will lead to a reduction in energy use throughout the District of Columbia.

Taurus Development Group is a CBE developer, contractor and energy efficiency entrepreneur that has been working in sustainability since its inception in 1987. Taurus has stepped into the role of Workforce Development and Contractor Development Manager for the first year of the DC SEU because of their experience in working with workforce development programs and their deep experience in management of teams, programs and multiple contractors.

Gail Montplaisir, President of the Taurus companies said, “This is a long awaited event in the District of Columbia. We look forward to contributing to making the District the greenest city in America! The DC Government has shown the vision and commitment and the DC professional community has the talent, drive and commitment to make our energy efficiency goals, social equity goals and business development a reality. We count on the leadership and mentorship committed to the District by VEIC to make our goals a reality!”