Washington Home and Design

Gail Montplaisir and Norman Smith The owners of Taurus Enterprise Group and her architect husband are changing DC’s cityscape one roof garden at a time.

By Sally Kline

She may specialize in establishing distinctive spaces for others, but Washington developer and builder Gail Montplaisir doesn't even have her own place to eat. And that's just the way she wants it. The president and owner of Taurus Enterprise Group Inc. and her husband, architect Norman Smith, live and work in a renovated Meridian Hill brick structure of a precise personalized contemporary design. Symbolizing the provocative, hyper-functional style they have been applying to upscale city residences together for more than 15 years, their sleek and funky multi-level loft with its expansive main living area has no specifically designated dining place. No breakfast nook. No little bistro table. Not even bar stools at the kitchen counter.

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